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At AMICO, we strive to offer you personalized, dependable, and caring support. Before purchasing any device, our team of highly experienced Field Service Engineers (FSEs) works with you to inspect and plan the site in order to minimize the installation time, ensuring a high level of satisfaction.

If you have technical support questions once your equipment has been installed, our team of experts will be more than glad to answer any enquiry that you may have.
Should you require an in-office visit, one of our highly-trained and annually recertified Field Service Engineer will contact you within minutes to schedule your service.

Please complete the following two steps, in order to reach Amico Group for service. You can reach us directly by contacting the respective branch from our network or by completing the brief form below.


UAE toll-free:
800 AMICO (26426)
KSA toll-free:
9200 AMICO (26426)

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